2009 PitMasters Results



PitMasters July 2009
1st Crispy Critters
2nd Bunsen & Burner
3rd Chicago Jack
Chicken Ribs
1st Bunsen & Burner 1st Bunsen & Burner
2nd Ryan o’s Ribs 2nd Crispy Critters
3rd Stick t kettle On 3rd Chicago Jack
Pork Brisket
1st Chicago Jack 1st Crispy Critters
2nd Crispy Critters 2nd Royal Q
3rd Bite The Bullet 3rd Chicago Jack
PitMasters May 2009
1st Dr Sweetsmoke
2nd Ryan o’s Ribs
3rd Stick t Kettle On
Chicken Ribs
1st Bite The Bullet 1st Dr Sweetsmoke
2nd Smokey Toad 2nd Bite The Bullet
3rd Dr Sweetsmoke 3rd Royal Q
Pork Brisket
1st Dr Sweetsmoke 1st Ryan o’s Ribs
2nd Stick t Kettle On 2nd Stick t Kettle On
3rd Ryan o’s Ribs 3rd Royal Q