Join a BBQ Team


With the growing popularity of BBQ in the UK, the International BBQ Network is giving you the unique opportunity to join our team “British Bulldog BBQ” in one of numerous competitions in America. Whether you are an enthusiast or hold a media interest, this will give you an insight and experience like no other.

Don’t think you are going to be standing on the side lines, you will be the ones trimming, rubbing, cooking and handing in the competition boxes under expert guidance.

In America your competition experience would not be complete without visiting some of the best BBQ joints on offer!

IBQN now manages the British BBQ Society which was setup in 2008. It was formed out of passion, passion for great food, passion cooking over a real fire and passion for getting together with friends and family and enjoying a great home cooked feast. Through public competitions and our BBQ forum we hope to alleviate the fear of burnt bangers and chicken. With numerous events a year and our PitMasters Grand Champion representing Britain at the Jack Daniels Invitational, Lynchburg, Tennessee, we are the premier BBQ organisation in Europe.

This really is a unique opportunity. Turn up and learn from an experienced PitMaster. Understand rubs, trimming, temps and techniques.

You will be joining an experienced BBQ team in one of numerous competitions in America. The cook site will be fully setup. The competitions cover 2 days so this can be an addition to a holiday or join us for a few days prior to tour some great BBQ venues! We will provide everything required to compete from equipment to team shirts! Costs vary greatly for each competition but is likely to be in the region of £250 / person for the weekend. Accommodation can be anywhere from $40 – $100 per night and flights are approximately £500. We are not a tour operator so flights will have to be booked independently.