At IBQN we have years of experience planning, hosting and managing BBQ competitions as well as vast experience of competing at some of the world’s biggest BBQ events. We know what makes a BBQ competition work and what makes it a viable commercial exercise for all involved.

For event organisers we can draw on our experience and expertise to ensure your event runs smoothly and within budget, help you to draw in some of the best competitive BBQ chefs around and assist in making sure your visitors get the best experience from the competition. For more information about how to work with IBQN to host a BBQ competition, please visit our Sanctioning page.

For those concerned with the BBQ market, we can provide a gateway into a targeted market of genuine BBQ and cooking enthusiasts, helping your products gain exposure within key demographics. To find out more about sponsorship, marketing and commercial partnerships with IBQN please visit our partnering page.

IBQN can also offer event catering via our network of specialist BBQ caterers throughout the UK. Many of our caterers are champion BBQ chefs and can offer varied and authentic BBQ menus from around the world. For more information please visit our catering page.