Looking to put on a BBQ competition?

BBQ competitions are a great way to add diversity to your event. Whether it be as an exhibition, such as PitMasters, or you would like your visitors to get involved with Kids Q and Ready Steady Q, BBQ can add a whole new dimension. It is also a great main attraction with supporting activities such as music, arts, crafts, car shows, or children’s activities. Food, family, friends, and fun make a great combination. Giving the public a chance to sample international barbecue via competitors or vendors and yet another element.  Having set up numerous competitions over the last 4 years the International BBQ Network can help you avoid all of those unseen pitfalls, help you promote the event and run it for yo

Benefits of sanctioning

The benefits of having a sanctioned BBQ contest are numerous. The International BBQ Network (IBQN) is the parent company of the British BBQ Society, the UK’s only competition circuit successfully running competitions for the past 7 years.

A sanctioned contest offers the organiser:


Qualified Judges

Ambassadors to oversee the event

A great following of teams

Access to our booking and scoring systems

Help with promotion

And offers teams

A fixed set of rules

Professionally run

Starting the process of having IBQN sanction your contest:

Choose at least two dates that you are interested in

Please make sure you have read and understand the sanctioning information

Submit your application to IBQN

We must receive your application form no longer than 60 days prior to your event.

How IBQN Sanctions a Contest:

Before sanctioning is granted, the IBQN reviews the application. Many things are reviewed and checked, such as conflicting dates the availability to provide IBQN Contest Representatives. After  approval you will receive, by email a copy of the last page of this package with the date approved and a signature from IBQN. Your event will be listed on all official web sites, Facebook pages and Twitter accounts free of charge. If for some reason your application is not approved you will receive a call as to why and your minimum sanctioning fee will be refunded.

The staff at IBQN are available to answer your questions, provide support and share their knowledge. Once contest Representatives are assigned, they are also available for guiding you on the path for a successful contest.

All first time contest organisers are required to attend and observe all aspects of a IBQN contest or write a detailed contest plan to be submitted to and approved by IBQN.

How much does IBQN Sanctioning cost?

PitMasters Series

To promote the growth of Barbecue and understanding the costs involved running a competition we have a competition pack which costs just £5. To be sanctioned the competition must meet all of our criteria and utilise our experienced reps. The pack includes templates for tasting sheets, score cards and a copy of our scoring software. The fee allows an event to use the information provided for a single competition and all IP remains the property of IBQN.

Ready Steady Q & Kids Q

Fees are based on a per round basis (rounds are made of upto 10 competitors)

£150 per day plus £50 per round (this includes all ingredients), minimum of 4 per day.

We can supply all equipment required including, 10 x 4 Marquees (2 off), BBQ’s chopping boards, knives, bowls, gloves, in fact everything you will need to run the event for an additional £350 for the first day, discounts apply to further days.

A minimum Sanction fee of £250 is required with each sanctioning package.

The IBQN Representatives’ Expenses

These expenses include:

Air fare plus ground transportation for international events, or personal mileage, at HMRC’s standard mileage rate (currently 40p / mile), plus cost of lodging and meals. Receipts from Representative’s will be submitted with the Representatives’ invoice.

IBQN Contest Representative’s reimbursements are due at the end of the contest day. IBQN fees are required in full 15 days prior to the event via bank transfer. Any reimbursements due to the Contest Representatives should be paid directly to them.

In the event of cancellation either by the contest organiser or by IBQN, all previously paid expenses shall be non-refundable. The contest organiser will also reimburse to the IBQN Representative any prepaid expense incurred by them which cannot be recouped.

What does IBQN provide a Sanctioned Contest?

•Your event will be listed in the quarterly IBQN Newsletter, and on our web site:, free of charge.

•Two Contest Representatives will be provided for contest of 49 contestants or less. Three Contest Representatives will be provided for contest of 50 contestants or more. Additional Contest Representatives will be provided based upon the number of teams.

What do the Contest Reps do?

•Visit and greet teams

•Supervise and coordinate the dispensing of presentation containers to contestants

•Conduct Cooks Meeting

•Conduct Judge Meeting

•Conduct Table Captain’s Meeting

•Supervise the Judging process to ensure rules & regulations are followed

•Supervise the scoring process

•Attend to the required paperwork: Individual scores, reporting to IBQN, contest settlement

•Enforce all IBQN rules and regulations throughout the contest.

In short, Contest Representatives ensure the integrity of your event. They are your mentors, sharing positive contest experiences. They can be your lifeline in mapping a successful event. If there is a scoring problem, rule interpretation dispute, or question about judging, your IBQN Representatives assumes responsibility

IBQN right to merchandise and promote sponsors:

IBQN reserves the right to display, promote and sell, IBQN products and services and that of its national sponsors at IBQN sanctioned contests. Contests will be asked to provide space for IBQN to display, promote and sell IBQN product and services and that of its national sponsors. Organizer agrees to provide a space in a highly accessible area, either in the cook area or the near the judging area, where IBQN may place its official merchandising trailer and promote, display and sell IBQN products and that of its national sponsors. The Organiser agrees to provide free of charge a space up to 40′ x 30′ for this purpose.

IBQN reserves the exclusive right to determine the location of IBQN marketing activities. IBQN and its sponsors/partners will be sensitive to any local sponsorship that an event already has secured, and will strive not to create any conflict or situation that jeopardizes that local sponsorship. IBQN also reserves the right to film at each location for future media use.

Next Step?

If you are ready to get your event sanctioned by IBQN, please contact us.