2010 Events


After the learning experience of 2009, we were finally in a place to offer a strong BBQ competition circuit with a set of rules which are fixed allowing competitors to know before an event what will be expected rather than throwing them a few curve balls during the event. It was also and exciting year with the launch of our grilling competitions, Ready Steady Q and Kids Q.

Toby Shea, Director, IBQN

6th, 7th & 8th 2010 March – Beer Festival – Surrey Air Ambulance

Once again we were asked to provide food for the White Hart Beer festival in aid of Surrey Air Ambulance, this event is much smaller than the one in September but we still managed to raise over £600 for this good cause.

29th – 30th May 2010 – Mayhem in May – Pitmasters competition, Ready Steady Q, Kids Q

Our competitions are fun family affairs which take place over the course of a whole weekend. Friday nights are all about socialising with a some good friends and a few drinks, then on Saturday the meat is handed out and the serious business begins. Food is prepared and cooked over night and presented for judging around midday Sunday. teams cooked four categories, chicken, pork ribs, whole pork shoulder and brisket. There were also bonus categories for BBQ sauces and desserts. Congratulations to Bite the Bullet who walked away with the PitMasters Grand Champion trophy.

24th – 25th July 2010 – PitMasters Series Accumulator

Points from this competition were added to those of the national final in August to find the best and most consistent BBQ team in the country, the overall series winner went on to represent the UK at the Jack Daniels Invitational, Lynchburg, Tennessee in October. Congratulations to Bunsen and Burner who walked away with their first Grand Champion trophy and the lead going into the final.

28th – 30th August  2010 – PitMasters National Final, Ready Steady Q & Kids Q

This was the season finale, not only did we hold our Pit Masters National Final, but Ready Steady Q and Kids Q finals. Rudgwick Steam & Country Show is one of the South East’s major summer attractions. It’s a family run event and one of the last remaining events of it’s kind, with over 1,000 exhibitors and attractions spread out over a huge site it was great fun for all the family.  It was a tough battle with John Hargate of BBQ Shack taking not only the event GC but Series GC and the place at the Jack Daniels.

1st, 2nd & 3rd October – American Royal

Once again a team led by Toby Shea went to the American Royal Invitational. Joined by, Adie Platts, Steve Heyes, Cuan Brown, Ben Cops, Neil Welsh and Chris McQuillan. Not only was it a fantastic week of BBQ and beer we managed to finish 83 out of 132 teams with a very respectable 36th finish in ribs and 21st place brisket.

22nd & 23rd October 2010 – Jack Daniels invitational

PitMasters series champion, John Hargate from BBQ Shack went to represent the UK at the worlds most prestigious BBQ competition the Jack Daniels Invitational. The team had a fantastic time at the event and made some great friends. John had a good showing with a 12th place pork against the best the world has to offer and finished 66th out of 76 teams.