2012 Events


2012 is proving to be a very good year for our sponsors even though poor weather and a change of bank holiday has affected PitMaster team numbers. We secured 2 places at the Jack Daniels and qualify for the American Royal invitational at all of our events. Maintaining the growth we have displayed over the past 3 years we have added to the calendar with more competitions at new bigger locations which benefits the growth of BBQ and of course our partners.  2012 will see 4 PitMaster events and 6 days of Ready Steady Q and Kids Q with a combined audience of over 100,000 people. Press interest remains high with articles for the Heineken magazine and the caterer already in the bag plus articles about our teams competing locally and abroad.

Mayhem in May

This PitMasters event was always going to be interesting, traditionally held on the second bank holiday of May, but due to the Jubilee, the bank holiday was moved and teams that traditionally came to enjoy a long weekend were unable to do so because of work commitments. The benefit was an event in which unquestionably the top teams in Europe could see how they had improved over the Christmas period before the season really begins.  The weather was great as was the comradely.

Surrey County Show

The downside to one event leads to a positive, we were asked to put on a day of Ready Steady Q and Kids Q at the Surrey County Show, an event that traditionally clashes with Mayhem in May.  With 40 competitors taking part, 2 Kids Q and 1 Ready Steady Q champions were crowned and with official show attendance of almost 28,000 this was a great day for everyone involved, and we have received some great feedback.

The Big BBQ and Music Festival

A new event and addition to our calendar. We ran the IBQN European BBQ Championships alongside Ready Steady Q and Kids Q.  This competition was open to everyone in Europe to win a place at the prestigious Jack Daniels invitational. Although we had the biggest cash prize in UK BBQ history we were unable to attract teams over from Europe, this event clashed with a grilling competition on the mainland which understandably was easier to get to. The elements were certainly against us with gale force winds destroying our Ready Steady Q structure, and causing the organisers a headache when their main stage twisted out of shape and moved a few metres! The biggest attraction on the day was Ready Steady Q and Kids Q which pulled in the only real crowds at the event, running between 2 – 6:30pm 40 competitors took part and 2 Kids Q and 1 Ready Steady Q competitors walked away with the bragging rights.  Congratulations to Miss Piggys for walking away with the PitMasters Grand Champion title and the place at the Jack Daniels.

Paddle Round the Pier

Another new event in the calendar. We ran Ready Steady Q and Kids Q in parallel with a PItMasters exhibition. We were very limited with space, but what a space! It is very rare you get to compete looking out to sea. The weather like most of the country was pretty awful, but we ended up putting on an extra round of Ready Steady Q on Saturday to meet demand. Kids Q as always created a stir and we have been booked for several more events for 2013!, Congratulations to local team Bar B Q Shack who walked away with the GC and in another first BBQ Fanatics who walked with three 1st places! The weather did improve and due to our location we were exposed to over 40,000 during the course of the weekend. All in all a fantastic weekend and we have been invited to return to PRTP next year which is a definite!

Harry Soo (Slap Yo’ Daddy BBQ) 101 Backyard Class

This was a first in the UK, Harry took a class all looking to improve their home barbecue skills through a whole range of items to cook on their smokers and grills including, chicken, pork, brisket, ribs, tuna, tri-tip (rump skirt), numerous sausages, rubs, sauces and injections.  This was an intense 7 hour session which left an oversubscribed class feeling exhausted but extremely happy at the level of detail.

Harry Soo (Slap Yo’ Daddy BBQ) Real Time Competition Class

Another first for the UK, Harry took a full class of students through a competition cook in real time.  This included all preparation including a breakdown of injections, rubs and sauces used. It also included trimming and presentation…………. Well absolutely everything!  There were some very tired people after the class but the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and we look forward to having Harry back in the future to build on these two very successful classes.