2013 Events


Foodie Show Dorset, Dorchester. 

The opening event of the season was time to break out the new gear from Outdoorchef. 10 glistening asconas to use for Ready Steady Q and Kids Q. This event was held at Dorchester football club and the setup was incredible. We ran Ready Steady Q and Kids Q over Friday, Saturday and Sunday with over 70 individuals taking part. It was also the first run out for our vending section which gave us the opportunity to fine tune before some big events that we are attending in 2013.

Mayhem in May, BBQ HQ, Tongham

This has to be the competition that I (Toby Shea) am most proud off. This is where it all stated, in a field, keeping in simple and in 2013 going back to basics. Mayhem in May is a closed event which means the teams can enjoy a competition without the public asking a stream of questions. It is traditionally the first event to be held each year which gives teams the opportunity to test out their new methods from winter practice, in 2013 it was also the birth place of Grassroots Shack and Sauce the countries first real time beginners competition class.

With the addition of a fixed social area including fire pit, bar and food provided throughout the weekend the atmosphere was completely different to any previous competitions and it was great to finally be part of an event where you didnt have any teams winging about the results!

Americana Q @ Brands Hatch

A new addition to the PitMasters calendar for 2013, Brands Hatch turned into a NASCAR circuit with support acts from monster trucks and a huge American car rally. Muscle cars and BBQ, what a combination! I know the teams had a thoroughly good time and the facilities provided by the circuit were superb. I really hope this will be a regular event as it is easy to see how this event can grow.

Americana Q was also the launch platform for Feeding Frenzy our competitive eating circuit. With the Franks hotwing challenge and French’s Hotdog eating comp it certainly provided a few giggles!

Harry Soo 101, BBQ HQ, Tongham

We were fortunate enough to persuade Harry Soo from Slap Yo Daddy to come back to the UK for his second consecutive year to teach his 101 class. Both classes were at capacity months before the event which shows the increased popularity of BBQ in the UK. Covering everything from brisket to sashimi tuna this always proves to be an amazingly informative class and the feed back has been amazing, can we get him back for a third year? only time will tell!!