The International BBQ Network (IBQN), is an organisation dedicated to sanctioning and promoting barbecue competitions on an international level.

IBQN works closely with American governing bodies to regulate and provide judging and cooking classes wherever they are required.

We also work closely with some of the largest and most prestigious BBQ competition in the world such as the Jack Daniels Invitational.

The International BBQ Network has 7 years of running competitions in the UK via the British BBQ Society and have proved to other international bodies that we are the right organisation to take BBQ forward on an international stage.

Not only do we have fully qualified judges and ambassadors, we also have a great team following in the UK and a great network through mainland Europe to make all including fledgling events a success.

Certified Judges are a vital part of our company. Teams depend on the skills you will learn during our Judging seminar and once qualified will give you the opportunity to judge at one of our numerous events taking place during 2016

Although you will be giving your time voluntarily, you will be judging some of the best BBQ the country has to offer so be prepared to loosen your belts!!

Although we take judging very seriously, we also expect you to have a lot of fun while doing so. Welcome to IBQN, and welcome to an elite group in our organisation, the International BBQ Network Certified Judges.

If you are interested in becoming an IBQN certified judge please contact us.